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08-11-2013, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Latgale_fan View Post
Anyway I wouldn't too stressed about Lipsbergs, if he continues to improve they might draft him this season still or as said, there are training camps too... this year already Ķēniņš was signed without a draft at the age of 22, so no worries. Still has Dinamo Rīga as a backup too.

But this year we really could have had a great talent in forwards for WJC. Even outside Dinamo camp there are 5 now in CHL leagues (Kulda, Jevpalovs, Lipsbergs, Golovkovs and Bukarts), 1 in USHL (Egle), 1 in NCAA (Bļugers), 1 in AHL/NHL (Girgensons), 1 in Swedish J20 Superelite (Semjonovs), 1 in Austrian EBEL (Zuševics). 10 forwards in elite junior or just good league outside Latvia. Not to mention Ozoliņš who's been great in Dinamo Riga's KHL camp and a plethora of eligibles in HK Riga MHL team... or Homjakovs in MHL B.

Both our 94 golies should have contracts with NLA clubs, another one could be a backup in MHL.

It's defense where it's a bit more underwhelming but offensively for Latvia this is truly the best ever attack assembled for U20
yeah that seems to be the case in the last few wjcs for us

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