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Originally Posted by KRM View Post
Nice play, good finish by DLR.
any vid of the goal?

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Pronman likes players with skill, regardless of how flashy they are, and that's why his praise of DLR and McCarron has been very welcome.

Really, the only thing to not like about DLR is that some of the players we passed on arguably have more upside. But more than anyone else we drafted over the past two years except Galchenyuk, that's one I'd be the most surprised about if he doesn't make the NHL.
agree. I wanted DLR but I was initially quite shocked we took him instead of Zykov but otherwise you're dead on about him being a lock.

Originally Posted by montreal View Post
DLR goes 0-1 in the SO, had a decent move but the goalie got a part of it.

Lehkonen goes 1-3, what a snipe on the goal, the announcer said over the shoulder but he fired it so fast Im not sure. On one that he missed he tried to turn around and then quickly turn back just inside the offensive blueline but it didn't work, too bad as it would have likely been a beauty had he pulled it off.

Overall in the games I saw (didn't see any of Canada's games), impressed with what I saw from McCarron, DLR, Collberg and Lehkonen. Going to be a lot of fun watching them all this year, can't wait for the WJCs to get here.
how would you rank them solely from what you've seen at this tourney? Collberg, Lehkonen, DLR, then Mac?

Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
Hearing that Mr. Crisp has stated that Timmins will not regret drafting him, goes a long way in my books. Having a more than truculent past myself, it's been a pleasure to know many men that are true to their word. As it seems Connor's adept at positional play and deflecting the puck at the net already, his skating is improving, this from no less judge of talent than TT. I'm a betting man, imagine... and Mr. Crisp will most certainly give 100% effort to keep his word to a man that has shown faith in his ability. So the lineup starts here, either put up or shut the F... up, thanks for the money all donations are appreciated.
when Crisp tweeted that I immediately thought of PK saying that to Gainey at the draft. Couldn't help but get more excited about him after that. Looking forward to see how he progresses.

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