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08-11-2013, 10:43 AM
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Sather Speaks

Yesterday, Sather was on Edmonton radio with Bob Stouffer on the anniversary of Gretzky's sale to LA. Some interesting stuff on that, but I'll post the stuff relevant to Rangers fans. Full transcript linked at the bottom.

On if it would have been different if Dolan owned the Oilers:

I’m sure it would have been. There are two different kinds of owners. There are people who own a hockey team because they want to win and be successful and there are guys who just want to make money. I think Darryl Katz is just like Dolan….they want to win, they don’t want to lose much money but they want to win. Today in the NHL, lets face it, with the cap situation we are all pretty much in the same place but there are other things that you can do to make your organization better. I think Darryl and Dolan are the same in that way…they want to win. They are not necessarily concerned about the bottom line, it’s about winning.
On whether you can buy a winner today:

You need a combo, but your core players need to be drafted. You need a young group that can grow up together…it’s tricky in a cap world, the way it is today….you need to go with the drafting. When I first got to New York we had a team that was loaded with a lot of problems and it takes time to get rid of those problems and you need to spend to get the assets and drafted players that you do need. It took a little while to dismantle that team and get some assets that were tradeable and we had the money to get them. I think we are in the situation today where we are very competitive, the youth we have, we have some good prospects. It doesn’t mean you are going to win….we thought we were gonna be in the finals last year, but we ran into tough injuries and it took a toll on our team. Sometimes you get beat up pretty bad and things are so competitive today.

Nothing groundbreaking but it's interesting to hear Sather talk about the mess he inherited when he took the job and how long it took to righten the ship. If he's honest with himself, he would admit he didn't start the process soon enough. But he alludes to the idea that they signed big name guys just to acquire tradeable assets (if they didn't work out on the ice). Because they didn't have prospects of any value. I never looked at it that way. Also, with regards to expectations last year (Finals or bust), he talks about injuries derailing the team. Probably referring to, without mentioning directly, Callahan Hagelin and Staal.

Full Transcript

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