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08-11-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
Not at all impressed with Chris Pryor and the way he handles himself in a meeting. He seems like a argumentative, combative ****. If he has a superior eye for talent then that's fine - but I don't get the whole tough guy crap. It seems like that room had too many steakheads and not enough brains. Give me a super-intelligent nerd who never played the game over some 50 year old ex AHL guy who works out all the time and thinks he's some kind of hard-ass.

I don't get this organization's love for the tough guy. I never understood how Berube got a job anywhere - the guy is a total cement head. So you could fight when you were 30 - great. How does that make him a good coach? Snider's infatuation with tough guys is his greatest shortcoming.

Love the Morin pick though. So maybe having knuckles for brains works out sometimes..
In recent years the Flyers are one of the best teams drafting NHL players, so if Pryor covers himself with peanut butter and dances around in ladies clothes OR acts like a tough guy, I Dont Care!! He gets us NHL players.

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