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Originally Posted by KirkP View Post
Dan Russell, ladies and gentlemen.

Do tell, how many times have you seen Domi play to arrive at the conclusion that he's going to be a star whereas Horvat will be a 'versatile, 3rd line type'? The only microscope Domi has been under has been the superfan/scout demographic that maybe makes up one percent of the people who follow junior/minor hockey and that was simply because of his name.
I said that he's got a lot of potential to be a star. His dad was a star (from a notoriety perspective), he's been in the spotlight his whole life. He's thrived in the spotlight. His very name itself psychs up his opponents to play against him - it puts a target on his back. Succeeding in the face of those challenges makes what he's done even more impressive. Think Max Domi will be the type of guy that gets scared in the playoffs?

He has a rare and unique skillset - an extremely skilled, offensively creative type (I hope you all saw his feed to McDavid the other day?). He's also got a brashness and a cockiness to him, which is pretty common amongst guys who make it to the top (Kane, anyone?). I would've liked to have seen the Canucks take a gamble, for once, on the higher-reward guy. The OP brings up a valid point in that Brendan Gaunce is pretty comparable to Bo Horvat, in a lot of ways.

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