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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
I think its a bit of a stretch to assume that just because a scout/player is tough or likes tough players they cannot be intelligent too ? Sounds like some kind of judgmental nonsense from some liberal encounter group to me.Toughness is a Flyers trademark and it puts a$$es in the seats which is what pro sports is all about when you look at the big picture.
Certainly, a player can be both physical and intelligent. A thing that stuck with me from the pre-draft (unofficial) interviews with Morin is that both he and a teammate alluded to him "losing his mind" when he gets into a fight. That hinted at some lack of control / discipline. That may be only a small, small fraction of what Morin brings to the ice, but it still served as a red flag when everyone was an option for the Flyers to choose.

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