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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
Re: Righties, yes, it would be nice to acquire one, but it's not easy.

This was Chris' list:

Gustafsson - Schenn
Hagg - Morin
Gostisbehere - Manning

But in the system there are some righties:

Alt and Willcox seem like realistic potential NHL prospects to join Luke Schenn, who is going to be here awhile.

Hostetter, Lamarche Luukko are longer shots who are RHS.
Those guys project as bottom pairing defenseman- if that. We've seen over the years how lacking a RHD has held this defense back. Forcing lefties to play the off side is a bigger task than most realize. Is it hard to balance out righties and lefties, yeah, but it would nice to have a RHD that can play in the top 4 in addition to Schenn. It seems like a lot of the talented young defenders in this league are right handed (Jones, Piety, Shattenkirk, Trouba, Bogo, Subban, Doughty, Carlson, Karlsson, etc.), it would certainly be nice to have one.

In terms of Morin's weight, it's way to early to spectulate on his eventual size. He just turned 18. He's only a kid.

I remember seeing Pronger in a bar in Toronto one summer. He'd just been traded from Hartford to St.Louis (looked it up - 1995, he hadn't turned 21 yet), and I could not believe how skinny he looked in a golf shirt and shorts. My friend and I were saying 'this beanpole is one of the toughest players in the NHL?'

Pronger is currently listed at 220 and so are Coburn and Lauridsen. Morin's already listed at 202.

By the time Morin's 25, he's going to be plenty strong to go with all his other attributes.
No one's arguing whether the kid will be strong enough to play at this level. I'm not really worried at all. My only assessment was he doesn't really have the broad shoulders to add 50 pounds of good weight like someone suggested. And honestly I don't want him that heavy. Only a handful of guys can pull it off. Morin's biggest asset is that he's a big guy that can move. You can only add so much weight before it starts to affect aspects of your game (Luke Schenn). I said I see him ending up between Pronger and Myers which would be 220-230 probably the higher end of that range.

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