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08-12-2013, 01:08 AM
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As many others have said - lack of organization, lack of rinks, lack of opportunities, lack of promotion, lack of media attention.

When I was at school, hockey was not even considered a target trackable by radar, let alone determined to be off it. As for exposure, the only reason I happened to get into hockey was because I rented NHLPA '93 from a video store one time - before that, I'm not actually sure if I knew it existed.

The only reason I'm starting to play it is because I'm in the US now, where I have multiple ice and roller rinks a stone's throw away. The massive lack of inconvenience of even considering to play in the UK makes it a totally unappealing option compared to other sports. At least with a healthy framework it makes dropping your paycheck on $$$s of equipment feel like you're getting satisfactory value for money.

Until as such time someone pumps money into it, forms a decent organization, builds more rinks and starts making hockey even an option in schools, then it's destined to remain a comfortable also-ran in the UK.

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