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Originally Posted by PWJunior View Post
I don't know of too many other players in the NHL that can completely change their style of play the way Crosby and now Tavares can. Both started out more as high end playmakers who put the work in to become elite goal scorers. That takes a ton of work and an elite understanding of the game. How many other players around the league can transform themselves like that and have both skillsets? Not many. Most high end players can be classified as an elite playmaker or elite goal scorer, you can count the number of players who can be both on one hand.
PW, the difference is that Crosby was more of an elite playmaker who could score, and Johnny was much more of a prodigious scorer who was also a top playmaker (junior record). Sid did improve his scoring ability once in the NHL (tied Richard Throphy 50 goal scored), while Johnny is now reverting back to his original root skill set as an elite scorer first after his first few years where he had it reversed.
Goal scoring is Johnny's "thing". He has talked about it, loves to score goals, but alos loves to win games. I expect we will see him continue to be a bigger and bigger finisher.

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