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08-12-2013, 11:27 AM
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Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post
I believe he was making fun of the fact that Devils fans dismissed every Post/Forbes article that hinted they were in any kind of financial distress. Pretty much everything the Post ever said that Devils fans vehemently denied turned out to have some traction. Including missing loan payments, having money loaned by outside sources to cover pension/escrow, and having money advanced by the NHL (most of which they will have to pay back).

Also I wouldn't be too excited just yet with this new ownership. This guy Harris is a businessman, not a philanthropist. He will do whatever it takes to make the team profitable, and if that should mean slashing payroll dramatically like he did with the 76ers, then the Devils might have some tough seasons ahead.

Who knows though, maybe he goes Pegula crazy and gives Lou a blank check so he overpays for every FA in sight. That is definitely a recipe for success. Rangers fans can attest to that...

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