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08-12-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by skorf View Post
And what about Petry's?

If Nuge gets 6 million... he's 3.7 now so a raise of 2.3 (plus add on klefbom's 1.2 million since he'll take Schultz's roster spot). So that's right on Schultz's 3.5 million salary

Ryan Smyth makes 2.2 million, we would have to pay his replacement about 1 million so 1.2 million + 3.7 (JSchultz's current salary) = 4.9 million, I hope we could get him for that but no guarantees

Petry makes 1.75 million... he will at least get what Smid gets (3.5) but likely get at least 4 million depending on this year (2.25 million raise)
Dubnyk makes 3.5 million... he will get at least a 5 (1.5 million raise) and I think Smith's 5.6 million a year deal will be close to what Dubnyk would get right now
-so Petry and Dubnyk raises... we are counting on the cap to go up about 4 million to fit them in.

Thing is, if JSchultz, Dubnyk, or Petry have a very good season. They could price themselves out of our market range. We'd be relying on the cap going up 5-6 million next year which COULD happen but there's no guarantees.

If you wanted those other guys, MacT could have gotten them.
I like most of what MacT has done, but he dropped the ball with the 3rd line guys and the bottom pairing defenseman

Signing Jones and Grebeshkov were mistakes... even Joensuu may be but I'd like to see him play a few games first.

We could have gotten guys like Nystrom, Pouliot, and Lapierre if we hadn't done those other signings (well maybe not Nystrom since at 2.5 million a year that is a lot of money for a guy of his skill set). But Lapierre makes 1.1 million (I'd have loved to have used Jones's money on him, but management didn't or signed Lapierre instead of Joensuu), or sign Pouliot instead of Grebs....

Or maybe Raymond or some of the other unsigned guys on a 1 year 1.5 million year deal to play on our 3rd line for a year (and try to get more $ next offseason) instead of having Grebs as a 7th D.

We had the cap room to get those guys, but management made some questionable signings to fill out our rosters
There are guys out there better suited to be 3rd line guys for our team then Jones.
Grebs likely is our 7th D now (petry, JSchultz, Smid, Ference, NSchultz, Belov).... and I'd rather have a cheaper/younger Larsen sitting in the press box then Grebs. And if we don't like Larsen as #7, I'd have loved to see us sign Fistric to be our #7 D at minimum salary
That would have saved us enough cap space to make a run at some of the guys that were mentioned as being good fits for our 3rd line (which I agree with), but I would not want to see Hemsky bought out to fill our bottom lines with guys that COULD affect our cap situation next year.
Successful teams lock up their stars first (Chicago, Pittsburgh) and then find role players to fill in the other spots. We need to make sure we get our guys signed first and then look at bringing in other help.
Yea, because thats exactly what Chicago and Pittsburgh did. They didnt sign anyone and just let their kids carry the entire load.

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