Thread: Speculation: Andrew MacDonald's next contract
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08-12-2013, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
Sadly, I agree with you totally. Although I do think that Hamonic's contract was a discount partially because of the length. That is, he may have compromised on the dollars for extra years.

The reason why this worries me is because I don't see how Snow can justify paying MacDonald more than Hamonic or Vish, when he (arguably) slots beneath those two in team depth.

And, given that he has been horribly underpaid for years, he may be in no mood for bargains.
IMO - that's not an issue. AM is a UFA eligible player who is just entering his prime, and those guys get paid. Agree 100% that Hamonic sacrificed some potential $'s to lock in the security of the term, and Vish is a guy who is likely on the downside of this career. I think that "justifying" AM's salary is only something that is an issue for the people that have a hard time understanding RFA vs. UFA.

Also think it's a great point with being underpaid so far. Those type of guys "need" to lock in the $'s because he wasn't making $3-4M coming off his ELC. You can make a case that AM (along with Duncan Keith) were the best "value" players not on an ELC since the first lockout.

EDIT: And great to see you back on the site! Your insights have been missed!

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