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08-12-2013, 02:34 PM
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Technique question re: Slap Shots

My slapper is pretty bad overall, but my question is about the slapper at impact. At impact with the ice (few inches behind the puck), i'm pushing the blade of my stick into the ice using my arms. I also dip my back leg at impact to get some of my weight onto my stick to help flex it. But is there a point where it's too much and counter-productive?

This is a bad analogy, but in a golf swing (iron shot), i've been taught to hit down into the grass just before the ball. But if you try to hit down too much, you actually dig your club into the ground and all you have is turf flying in the air.

Does this somehow translate into the Slap Shot? Is there a point where you could technically be hitting down too much, thereby slowing down your shot speed and follow-through, creating a weak shot?

Thanks guys.

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