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08-12-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Asher View Post
The imagery might not be as harsh as I painted it, but yes, after his rookie season (I believe) Gagner did say something publicly about being unhappy with his score. EA was smart enough to turn into a publicity opportunity by inviting Gagner to their offices in Vancouver. I remember they filmed a story on it that was shown on the Oilers' website and possibly TSN as well. Stortini and someone else I can't remember went with Gagner, and after some playful banter with the staff there they raised his score.
Ah okay. So it was a bit of chicanery on his part to mess around a bit and maybe get a bit of publicity out of it. It's not like he was really dead serious about it, and went into the offices with a gun or something (exaggerating, obviously). I get it now; he was kinda having a bit of fun with it, but was still kind of a little "wtf about my score dudes!" too.

The only score I'll post is Halls'.
I think he'll be: 92

Edit: looks like it'll probably be 88. That's alright, I guess.

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