Thread: Prospect Info: Flyers actual 2013 draft rankings
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08-12-2013, 03:06 PM
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I wouldn't argue FOR the Ghoul pick but the amount of time spent throwing around the Klotz pick is getting ridiculous (overall, not this thread). Bellamy isn't exactly tearing it up. What about Morrison, Berlitsson or DeSerres? In fact who have we drafted in the last 10 years in the third round that has gone on to have a decent NHL career at all? I seriously think the word "Klotz," must be the most overused word on this forum. (Sunshine at #2, and Hyka #3)

Anyone who makes the NHL outside of the first 2 rounds is a bonus and the Flyers went for who they thought had the best chance of making it once they got past the second round.

I know this was supposedly a deeper draft then some years, but everyone pretty much agreed that the talent dropped off near the end of the second round. Everyone picked after that comes with an asterix of some kind.

I think that because this team did a great job getting Ghost and Cousins in back to back years with third round picks, that now people expect to strike gold every third round and that just usually isn't the case.

I was hoping to see the youngest Subban picked in that spot so I'm not overly happy with Ghoul myself just for the record. I'm just tired of the whole "Klotz was a junk pick" argument. Also for the record, Klotz and Rinaldo (I don't know about Ghoul) do not play at all the same game in any way shape or form.

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