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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
Some of these egos are very defensive about themselves. Torts came in ******** all over Renney about how the team wasn't in shape--blah, blah, blah. Sather is the same way. It's all on Neil Smith--when where the problem really started was with Jimmy Dolan--who in the pre cap years thought he could buy himself a Stanley Cup ala George Steinbrenner. That's ****ing why there wasn't any player development--that's why a washed up Messier returned--why we had to have Gretzky (which wasn't a bad thing), Lindros (with his 8 or more concussions), Lafontaine (another concussion away from la la land player), Bure (of the busted up knees) etc. etc. etc.

Sather of course is wily enough not to speak ill of his b-o-s-s who had him doing pretty much the same **** as he had Neil Smith doing before he fired him. This is not to say Smith doesn't have a % share of why the Rangers hit the skids but Sather really didn't start rebuilding the team until he was forced to by circumstance and a major circumstance was the salary cap. No longer was it possible anymore for Mr. Dolan to dream of buying a championship.

IMO if there is anyone who is pretty much blameless and does not get enough credit for the Rangers becoming a pretty good team again it's Tom Renney. The guy worked hard--did whatever the team asked him to do and almost always did it well and without blowing his own horn or pissing off the media (like Torts) for no good reason.
I pretty much go along with this.

I agree that Sather's reputation is built on getting to keep Gretzky and Messier from the WHA, drafted Kurri, Lowe, Coffey, Fuhr, Anderson, etc. in 1979-1981. His drafts with Edmonton after that (with the exception of a couple of players) was horrid. The draft picks he got from LA in the Gretzky trade didn't amount to much of anything. Then he gets to the NYR; says he wants to build with youth, but it takes him 5 years to get around to it and only because everyone knew a salary cap was coming. He only half-assed it when he did do it. He got a tragic break with Cherepanov, got a bad break with Dan Blackburn; lucked out with Lundqvist (how many All Star goalies are drafted in the 7th round 205 overall?). Trading for Pavel Bure, Eric Lindros and Jaromir Jagr when you're supposedly trying to rebuild with youth made absolutely no sense. They didn't really give up a lot, but Bure and Lindros had injury issues when Sather acquired them. Trying to rebuild and win at the same time rarely if ever works. A very flawed plan. Drafting since the 2004-2005 lockout has been a bit better, but no franchise impact players; (do you want say Staal is close to that?) Nice, useful players, but no top line forwards, outside of Cherepanov, but sadly, he passed away before he could arrive. It's true they haven't had any top 5 overall draft selections, but other teams have found impact players later on, sometimes MUCH later on (see the Detroit Red Wings, the best organization of all time at that)

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