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11-07-2006, 01:11 AM
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So...Anyone else a Streaky scorer?

(the title should read So..anyone esle a Streaky scorer btw)

I play defense for my 2 adult leagues and I have to admit I'm a streaky scorer. When I'm on...everything from the point hits the net, and all my passes are mostly i rack up the points with ease (average at least a point per game)...but when I'm off.....most of my shots miss the net and my passes aren't that great.

In the past 3 months I was hot for about 2 months and off for a 3 weeks where everything i shot was off. I'm defenseman, but a offensive defenseman... since I played center/RW for the previous 7 seasons as a youth before turning to a defenseman when i joined a adult league.

In the middle everything of my adult experience in the leagues I shot went wide...i was rushing things and that hurt me.

Like NHL players...i lost my confidence and it hurt me....when I have my confidence going I'm a MUCH better player (on the offensive side).

So what about you? Are you streaky? Do you have hot and cold streaks when you have confidence or don't? Or are you always on your game? Or are you a defensive player by nature so you don't worry about the offensive side? (which is NOT A BAD thing at all!! I love your type of players!)

Let here it......

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