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01-12-2004, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Raider Zero
Defensively: not very good.
How Soft?: think snuggles dry sheet commercials, or something that promotes soft/ pansy/ pushover.
Well if the asking price was right(prospects in this case), I would probably take a chance on Morozov. The Canucks could use a guy with his talent, and defense is something that can be taught. I remember how soft and poor defensively Naslund was when he first joined the Canucks, and the you watch a game like he played last night, and it shows that some players can improve in those areas. In any case, it would be worth the gamble IMO. The Canucks gambled on Naslund and it paid. They gambled on Bertuzzi and it worked. If the asking price for a guy like Morozov wasn't too much, I'd be willing to take another gamble.

Return?: giving Umberger and Federov, both who are apparently on the block, would probably be over paying. At this point many pens fans may settle for one, but dont expect Morozov to go for nothing.
I doubt Umbeger will be dealt. Burke is taking a stance in their negotiations and likely won't deal Umberger at all. If the Canucks lose him to UFA, they will receive a 2nd round pick in the 2005 draft, so all is not lost. Fedorov I can see being dealt, but only if the Canucks receive a talented player in return, in this case, I believe Morozov would be suitable.

Would Fedorov and a mid-round pick(5th rounder) be enough to land Morozov? Fedor appears to be finished as a Canuck, or close to it, so at least they wouldn't be losing anything really.

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