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08-13-2013, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by YakuBOT View Post
I would. Jones does not belong anywhere near the top-6.
He scored 18 and 17 goals in back to back seasons before last year. I don't see the problem trying him there if it makes for a balanced top 9. He also provides a little grit in the top 6 which is what we've been looking for-for so long. Especially on the line with Nuge and Ebs because they are the softest of the bunch. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

Line 1 - All three of them aren't known for hitting or playing a gritty game but all 3 of them can do it, and we've seen them do it. Not to mention both Hall and Gagner have proven to work well with Yakupov in the past. In a way the three of them all play very similar and I think they would make a great line.

Line 2 - Nuge and Ebs have the chemistry, Jones makes room for them and provides grit desperately needed beside them. Jones would likely pot around 15 ish and become much more useful.
Line 3 - Out of the other two lines this one makes me wonder the most. I like the thought of having a defensive player who will win faceoffs and give Perron and Hemsky possession but I wonder how the chemistry would be. If the line doesn't click, it's probably a disaster. Gordon will be holding them back in a way offensively while Perron and Hemsky are already not working together. If it works it would be fantastic. Hemsky and Perron do most of the work offensively while Gordon covers them on the defensive side of things and gives them the puck right off the faceoff. And again, like Jones it makes Gordon very effective.

And another positive.. now we only have one line that sucks.

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