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Originally Posted by boynickname View Post
I will say Thomas................1 year AHL experience and we can never have enough MIDGETS in are line up.......
What is it with midgets anyway.....if they score and we win games who cares.
I know everyone makes a big deal about size.... **{we need balance}}
I gather too many ppl are watching way too much porn.
Because you need a balance, and we don't have that, we might have the smallest top9 team in modern history, with 5 guys at 5"11 and under, 4 of which are in the 5'7 5'9 range.

Even worse, they are all on one side, at RW, Gionta, Briere, Gallagher are all on the ride side, heck Thomas who is most likely would be one of the first call ups is another undersized RWer

And while having 1-2 undersized players isn't a bad thing, specially Gionta, Gallagher type, you need bigger guys to complement them.

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