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Originally Posted by RMimagery View Post
His skating has already improved a very good amount. Anyone who watched his first season (well below avg skater) here and then watched him last year, you'd think that kind of improvement was almost impossible. I don't think I've seen that kind of leveling up in a few years like that. Besides speed and acceleration, he was much stronger on the puck and harder to check or get off his route.

I won't be surprised if he raises skating to the "great" level by the time he's 25.

btw, he's already "top notch"...
Agree that his speed/acceleration is better than average. His speed was never really an issue. While not a smooth, efficient stride, he had enough leg strength to get to where he was going. Over the last few years he has improved his stride to be more efficient, use less energy, increase top end, and get to full speed after two 2-3 steps. Starts and turns, edge work, lateral mmotion were improved also, but that is the area that needs continued work to progress to exceptional level.
OP may be right when he says JT will never be a "great skater" if he is thinking of great as elite. But his overall skating matched with his speed and strength could wind up being well above average to exceptional. Elite skaters that have it all are Malkin, Sid, Datsuyk, Giroux, Zetterberg. JT could approach Zetterberg level and be just below those others, and he will never stop working and training to get there.

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