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08-13-2013, 10:06 AM
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surprisingly, la has lots of adult hockey options. just sharing some of my thoughts here...

culver ice is interesting 'cause that's where the kings practiced way back in the day. and yeah, even those nhl guys had to walk up and down those darn stairs to/from the locker room. i think there's some story about one of 'em falling down the stairs once or something. also note that this is the closest ice rink to where you're gonna be in santa monica. some good local eats nearby too (tito's tacos and johnny's pastrami).

haven't skated at bay harbor post-renovation, but i really liked that rink (outside of the horrible ice pre-reno). yeah, it's old, but that dank, musty air and gates made from old wooden hockey sticks gave that place so much charm. figure skater michele kwan also trained there as a kid. there's a restaurant (thai food last time i checked) that's attached to one end of the rink. interesting.

all in all, tsc in el segundo is the best for competition level. i swear those guys in the platinum level (or whatever the highest level is called) could take on the la kings training camp tryout-level guys. you'll also have a decent chance to end up playing with/against a b-level celebrity.

considering your location, if you're into roller hockey at all, there's a pretty good outdoor rink over in the palms area (west of 405 between national and venice blvds). free adult pickup there several nights a week. plus an adult league.

disclaimer: i haven't been in socal for a couple years, so things may have changed since then...

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