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08-13-2013, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Renegade Stylings View Post
It would make a ton of sense for him to go to a SK team. I think the SK teams would be interested, too. I think all the 5 SK teams also have the assets to swing a deal to bring him in, too.

You just have to wonder where his value currently sits. I can't imagine it has lowered too much since he first decided to leave the team. Credit to the Cougars for holding strong in that regard. I know many teams were calling about him and it would've been tough not to just get a deal done and over with.
He's definitely a guy the Cougars probably want to keep away from the incoming crop attitude wise.

It's a shame they'll never get back the proper value for a 1st overall bantam pick, but at this point, having not been drafted it looks like you could be getting him for at least 2 more years and probably and OA year as well.

Do you have an idea what his value would be to the Cougars? Any idea what they'd be after?

I really like Morrison and Harkins....hopefully find a veteran C to play with either of those two?

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