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Originally Posted by oilsp1ll View Post
This is very clearly a temporary situation because Thompson misevaluated the market for Forsberg at the deadline and wants to recoup some of that value.

I wish the Cougars could get reprimanded by the league for essentially holding Forsberg hostage. These are kids, not grown men, they go to high school, they eat in cafeterias with their friends and have to do math homework and final exams. They are living away very, very far away from home in environments strictly controlled by grown men with essentially full autonomy and their futures at stake. It is rosy to think that these junior coaches/managers are shaping boys into men - and a lot do, but clearly it isn't always the case. I will rarely if ever side with a team over a junior-aged players. Grown men in the NHL acting like crybabies is a different story, but these are kids. I have heard of some ridiculous treatment from Prince George to players, mostly related to former coach Dean Clark, but management is implicit in this as well. People that side with junior teams so emphatically in scenarios such as these really shows me they have never been around junior hockey extensively. It is the ignorance of how kids are treated at times (not all the time) that enables some (not all) coaches to abuse their powers, and quite frankly, treat players extremely poorly.

Alex should have been given a chance to prove his worth on another WHL team, IMO. I'm cheering for him to make it out of this with a pro shot at least and I hope he still loves the game - would be very unfortunate for a kid with such natural gifts to have his passion sucked away because of an ordeal like this. "Attitude problems" with kids at this age get wildly misinterpreted. It's not like he's a criminal or a deviant, I really am surprised at the lack of empathy for 17-year-old kids, don't think many here were faced with any kind of comparable pressures at that age. Major junior shouldn't be a meat market, they should be treated as students, sons, and teenagers like they are.
It's not jail. Oh wow, entitled kid from Sask has to move to Prince George and attend high school where everyone is jealous of him and all the girls want to sleep with him. That is junior hockey.

Alex shouldn't have held out, it's a joke you think a franchise needs to cater to a kid who wasn't doing his part.

Alex and his parents chose not to return to PG. The Cougars didn't send him away. If they knew he was going to act like this, they probably wouldn't have used a 1st overall bantam pick on the kid.

I agree, I don't like treating kids like chess pieces, but this kid has as much if not more fault in this situation because he made the choice not to come back. Now it seems he's wised up and realized he made a stupid decision, that probably cost him a draft selection and/or an NHL camp invite.

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