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Originally Posted by Stringer Bell View Post
I would much rather see Madrigal reenter the fold than Declan. I really want them to explain Fring's background a bit more.
Lydia seems to be the only corrupt Madrigal employee remaining. I completely agree with you about Gus' background. My only real complaint with the show is that it briefly mentioned Gus' and Mike's intriguing pasts but never delved into them in detail. I remember Don Eladio telling Gus, "The only reason you're not dead is because I know who you are." Also, Hector called Gus a "big generalissimo" at one point, and Hank couldn't find any info about his Chilean past when he looked. It would be great if the show would explain who he was before entering the drug game. It would also be nice to know why Mike was kicked out of the Philly PD.

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