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08-13-2013, 10:28 PM
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Did someone compare baseball in Montreal to Hockey in Phoenix? That has to be the most ignorant comparison ever...

There was NEVER a rich history of hockey in Phoenix. There were no legendary AAA teams\players before the NHL got there. The team was not called "nos amour" or anything even close to that when the yotes came to town.

Also, I read someone saying the Expos have benefitted from tax dollars before and failed? When that team was playing in Jarry Parc they how better crowds and atmosphere. Baseball is meant to be played outdoors not in a tomb. Look at the Als.. that was a team destined to fold again until they moved into the stadium at mcgill. Olympic Stadium was never built for the spos, it was built for the olympics. The expos had to move in there and Montreal never built them a baseball stadium.

Maybe Montreal really is an amateur sports town.

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