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Originally Posted by jeremiahjones View Post
Haha I definitely have done the same. I seriously doubt his has any connections, but wouldn't be surprised if he got a tiny bit of info every once in a while. I don't mind his stuff really as I am the same with reading mostly everything Oilers, but I think he gets a lot of undeserved hate solely for writing for hockeybuzz. I take his writing as more of a 'super fan' instead of an insider. (much prefer Lowetide/OilersNation though).

In case anyone was wondering about the 'Omark in Edmonton' bit, that's what I was clarifying. @RealLinusOmark tweeted he was here but that account is totally fake. It's beyond me why it somehow got verified.
Superfan is a good way to describe him. He has zero sources although has been pretending to be in the know lately; his claim to fame is that LaForge was originally from Lac La Biche - (about an hr and a bit north of Edm) where Cloutier is located. That means nothing in the grand scheme of things- This 'info' from the fake Omark account is just another feather in his cap. He is no more connected than anyone here and in some cases, less so.
He says he is the 'most read Oilers blogger' and that's pretty sad, IMO.


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