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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Montreal and Toronto got off to good starts in the 48 game lockout season. They tailed off a bit towards the end. Would they have made the playoffs in a full season? The Islanders had a great run at the end to get 8th. Arthur Staple of Newsday had a chat today. Islanders management is content with their D after losing Streit. Hamonic. MacDonald. Vishnovsky. Hickey. Carkner. Strait. Donovan as their 7th. Nabokov is 38. No experienced backup goalie.Streit is 35 years old and a minus player but they haven't replaced him. The guy plays 20 plus minutes a game. PP QB. Their leading scoring D. They are not re-signing Boyes. Bouchard and Clutterbuck were brought in from Minnesota. Bouchard replaces Boyes. When was the last time Bouchard played a full season? The Islanders are one team which will take a step back. Tavares is a great player. Moulson is a good player. Hamonic and MacDonald are good defenseman. Too many question marks after that.
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You're never shy about ruffling feathers, are you?
Its an Olympic year. It will be a long year.

There is a group of more or less interchangeable teams, that if we look back at them say 3-5 years from now, we will feel that 1 or 2 of them just had a great year this year and 1 or 2 of them maybe was on the way up.

A team can just have a off year due to a bad start, injuries piling on, pressure, players not putting it together or whatever.

Picking a top 8 is a bit throwing spaghetti like.

My guess is that the teams that are well rested and really determined to keep it together from day 1 will do well this year -- in the regular season. My PO top 8 would look diffrence so to speak for sure. I think Philly has potential to do really well in the regular season. They want to prove themselves. They have added Streit and Lecavalier and, so far, only lost Universe. They did well when half-healthy last season. Wouldn't be suprised if they poured it on. Detroit is well rested and in a new conference. I think they are walking a fine line in terms of perserving their extremely strong identity as a team and falling apart. But I wouldn't be suprised if they had a statement season in the East this year. I think it was smart by Boston to make a few moves. Shake up their roster. But Boston has been (I think) 4, 4, 2, 6 and 5 or something like that in the East their last 5 years. They played in late June last season. I am not sold on the addition of Iginla for 6m per. They have lost some depth for sure. I just don't see why Boston should win the East this year. I don't. I think they may have to grind it out. I think Pittsburgh has all the potential in the world to win the East, but does it matter for them? They need to gain back that identity. That could fire both ways, either they slam dunk the entire season and wins the East, or they struggle to bring up the right energy from day 1 till March/April. I would guess at top 3 but not top 1, but its only a guess. I think Hank will have to send us of on a good start. We could have a half tough year if he don't. But we have good players and good depth, and the best goalie. Hopefully we don't have to be in the 9 - 6 segment.

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