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08-14-2013, 08:58 AM
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NO I do NOT want MLB back in MTL. I have not changed my mind ever.
It's simple, MLB is totally fixed. I will talk about drugs in a sec. By fixed I mean this, the rich clubs own everything. They have the money to just BUY anybody, any player. It's been like this since day one of MLB.
Parity in non-existing. Every year maybe 6-8 teams have a chance, then maybe on a wild occasion a luck team will come from the rest of the clubs to have a great year. That teams only has a few dollars so it will lose almost all it's best players in the years following TO guess who.
I remember the expos. I remember all the MLB promises that were made about parity to the Expos. Promises of 2-3 years to go before MLB parity. LIES ANN MORE LIES. It never happened. It was all lies just to put people in the stands with NO HOPE of winning the World Series.
It's about MONEY. It's NOT about sports. MLB lies to the world and hides behind propaganda.
Need MORE proof? Is there anybody in the world that believs MLB never knew about the drugs..... 50 home runs was great for the ticket gate. Who cares who did what to up the gate. The players are just as bad as the owners. Take NO drugs and you hit 20-25 homers and your paycheck is 2-3 mil per year. Take drugs and hit 50 homers and you get 10years at 20mill per year. Sure cheaters all but the owners are just as bad. The entire MLB is BAD, not every single player but the MLB idea is all about getting YOU to pay for tickets. Sport? this is no sport, this is a fixed game played by fixed players with a huge propaganda budget. Americas Game ! WOW, "say it ain't so'

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