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08-14-2013, 10:57 AM
no joke of a team
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I might be in the minority with this but i think that Eakins is the biggest key.
I think this roster has been misused and underutilized under Renney and Krueger, it just seems like the players weren't buying what they were selling and thus looked like a mess on ice on most nights basically getting wins on pure talent moreso than anything else the last few seasons.
If Eakins can bring some structure to their game and have them buy into a particular system, i think that this team could take off pretty quickly and jump into a playoff spot. The talent level (even though there are still glaring holes on the roster) is higher than it's been since the Cup run. It's time for the results to start showing and i think having the right coach to harness this talent and convert them from talented potential into legit NHLers would be huge for this group because lets be honest, as good as The Big 5 are, they are still mostly potential with glaring holes in their game with the possible exception of Hall.

As far as the players go, the 3 biggest keys to the team will be RNH, Dubnyk and J. Schultz. As long as the rest of the players play reasonably close to their talent level, the team will make the playoffs as long as those 3 take steps forward.
RNH and Dubnyk in particular are the biggest keys to the Oilers success next season, the team will either sink or swim based on the performance of those two IMO.
You can talk about weak bottom 6, lack of a true top pairing Dman etc. but if the #1C and the goalie don't play up to par, the team won't succeed and if they do, the team will.
The fact that the fate of the team depend on a rookie coach, a hobbled RNH and a relatively unproven Dubnyk doesn't inspire me with a ton of confidence that they will make the playoffs this season but the potential is there obviously.

the fact we don't have Krueger...who was in WAAAAY over his head..and replaced him with a competent head coach (along with another assistant Keith Acton) will do wonders for this squad

Ference is an upgrade
Perron is an upgrade
add in the core being another year older

this is an improved club...probably not enough to make the playoffs but should compete for one

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