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Originally Posted by HockeyFan73 View Post
Yea the planning hasn't been great so far on the transportation side of things. If public transportion is only an hour each way I could definitely live with that. Hopefully a place will let me return a car late though.

How hard/expensive do you guys think tickets to the Chicago game would be?
From door to door, it would be longer than an hour. If you'll be up near Columbia, you need to allow over 30 minutes (closer to an hour) before your scheduled train leaves. Then you'd jump on the train to Westbury and then catch a 5-10 minute cab to the Coliseum.

Not a terrible way to go, but for planning purposes, if you want to make a 5:30ish train to Westbury (Mineola could work too) which will get you to the station around 6:20 (and give you enough time to jump a cab and get into the Coliseum), you'd need to leave the Columbia area around 4:45 to make sure you have enough time. Of course, you may be in Penn Station 20 minutes early and have time for a beer if everything works out, but you never know with delays, etc.

Also, for planning purposes, you are allowed to drink on the LIRR.

Its not the worst trip in the world and considering you would be faced with fighting rush hour traffic in the Winter if you decided to rent a car, I would go with the train route.

As far as tickets go, not hard at all. As the final year in the Coliseum, the team being better and the game being against Chicago, it might be a little harder than in the past, but getting a ticket will be the least troubling part of your adventure.

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