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01-12-2004, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Nash13
But anyone bright enough wouldn't put themselves in that situation for misinterpretation. There are some people who would bring in Lecavalier simply because he is French and it has nothing to do with marketing. He does need to explain it or expect people to call you on it.

I know you still have trouble with english, but how it is written, it opens up many avenues for imisinterpretation. That is all I am saying.
yes , english is not my first language and i do my best to understand the meaning of the post and to be clear myself .it's not easy for me.

May be you're right about what you said but i still think that once you read the entire sentence of the guy , there is no reason to missinterpretation what he said
I am not sure to clearly understand you when you say that there are some people who would bring in Lecavalier simply because he's french...because when you talk about player like him you can't forget about his skill.I will understand about a unknow player but ...we are not talking about a unknow player , a noname ,; everybody know that Vinny is a good player, most of us also know that in 5 seasons , he have scored 4 times 20 and + goals.So , His talent is a part of him , so you can't bring him just because he's a Quebec guy..

Sorry for my bad english but i would like you to explain more your point of view , what you mean by that ...thanks

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