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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Before opening this up to the big board, I wanted some feedback here. All comments welcome, but am hoping for some with particular insight.

Justin Schultz has 1 year left, then is RFA. Would be a coup for us as 1st pair 1D w/McDonagh. Obviously, Edmonton will not trade at almost any price.

If memory serves, Schultz was Anaheim pick, they couldn't sign him, he got to go where he wanted after waiting.

Rangers were supposedly on a short list, but, well, came up short.
Does any one know for certain why?

Correct me if I'm remembering this wrong, but
We thought we had an inside shot because he was buds with Mich alumns McD and Stepan.

Did it seem like he was saying 'you go your way and I'll go mine'?
Was it like he was coming from 'you grabbed the east, so I'll take the west'?
In which case maybe he doesn't wanna be here!

Could it have been some other x factor I'm not remembering, family, etc, there?

OR was it based on some issue with NYR?
Presumably Sather would have told him we'll hook you up, no/minimum AHL requirement, express bypass to opportunity for 1D.

Could it have been that the main reason JSchultz did not sign here was because of the one largest difference since then, Torts?

Is it possible that JS asked around and was told [not important as to by who] that Torts is a ballbuster like no other, look at what he's doing to _______________ (fill in the blank, Kreider, etc.) I can't give you any guarantees that Dolan/Slats will back you over Tortorella, so why take the risk and the likely aggravation?
And such reasoning played a huge role in his decision.

So, question 1:
Since the Rangers are a much improved club AND more importantly, Torts is buh-bye, is there any real hope that could = JS to NYR if we can pay his price?

and Q2:
assuming that Q1 is a yes, what would JS cost?
As a RFA, I guess it is the size of his deal. Which would have to be substantial to avoid Oil to match, which they would want to do even with big $$ raises necessary for their top Fs.

Or, even though this is nowhere near the same type of thing where Nash said to CBJ, thanks but I gotta go, and put his foot down, does such a factor, if real, push Edmonton to say, ok, he's only got a year on his deal.... at what point is he worth more to me playing as opposed to trade assets acquired.

So realistically bypassing a straight contract signing which we can't prevent Oil from matching, what trade assets would be demanded, and what would we give for Justin Schultz?

I think that allure of playing a 1st pairing role with the likes of RNH, Hall, Ebs and Yakupov all made Edmonton a much more attractive option than NY where he would not have gotten the top pairing spot (rightfully so) and the thought or growing as a team with Stepan, McD and a few other guys here is not nearly as appealing as the guys he's playing with now.

Edmonton was and is a better fit for that player. They will re-sign him. He will not become a RFA

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