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Originally Posted by uocooco View Post
This is great training, he's training the right way, the smart way. His training reminds me of some of GSP's training routines. I don't know why you think this is awful training... do you want him to do bicep curls and bench press all day and eat like a mad man to rack up the lbs (mostly fat)?
Literally the only thing in that video that would be a staple in GSP's routines are the depth jumps. I would love for you to find me a single video of GSP doing an inverted single explosive leg press supported by a bosu ball on a progressive resistance fan driven machine. What on earth is that supposed to do, especially for someone who I very much doubt could squat his own body weight below parallel?

What would I have him do? Squats, deads, presses, cleans, pulls, pullups, sprints, jumps, sled pushes, and flexibility. A lot like what Patches does, actually. And a lot closer to what GSP does than anything in that video.

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