Thread: Confirmed with Link: Beaulieu pleads guilty to assault charges
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08-14-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by LPHabsFan View Post
Does anyone know anything about what actually happened? Do we know whether or not Nathan started the fight. Do we know whether or not it was a fight? Do we know whether or not alcohol was involved? Do we know whether or not he was standing up for his father? Did his father start something that as his son had no choice but to get involved in? Was somebody hammered and started to talk crap to the kid and/or the father and things just got a bit out of hand?

Anyone have any answers? No? Alright, continue the wild baseless speculation about what any of this means towards his hockey abilities, family life, mental stability and general personality.
If you're genuinely interested you can find more info (not much, mind you) in the first iteration of this thread:

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