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Originally Posted by uocooco View Post
And you know damn well what functionnal strenght is, don't play stupid.
I actually have no idea. Look, if you had a definition for it, you'd just list it. For example, maximal strength.

"the greatest force that is possible in a single maximum contraction"

Originally Posted by uocooco View Post
Well it depends on how much weight you're using.
Not that much in fact. Chinese weightlifters will routinely squat over twice their body weight, and they are explosive as all ****. Moreover, some of those exercises can only be correctly categorized as explosive, such as pulls, snatches, and cleans. Sure, if you're grinding out single deadlifts all day, then that would qualify for what Verkhoshansky meant when he said that "excessive maximal strength training" can reduce explosive strength, but I don't think that anything I said could lead you to think that I was advocating an exclusively 1RM program.

Originally Posted by uocooco View Post
But you listed like 10 core exercices that I'm sure Lekhonen does already. He's probably training at multiple gyms, and he probably does the more fancy workouts at SSL I guess.
As is evidenced by his burly 160lb physique.

Originally Posted by uocooco View Post
I don't usually comment on here, I just come in here a couple times a week to have news about the habs, but seeing how ignorant your post was about Lekhonen's training made me respond. I probably shouldn't have since I just wasted time here.
You just have thin skin.

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