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Originally Posted by Toydarian View Post
I can't answer your questions, but it is interesting that in Beijing in 2008, there were concerns regarding human rights in Tibet and China's actions in that area. There were protests, but the IOC ignored them and the games went ahead.

It seems to be reoccurring with human rights violations in Russia and the IOC continues to ignore it. It reinforces how corrupt and profit driven the IOC is.

Not to sound ignorant or like an idealist, but it's sad to see the entire purpose and 'spirit' of the Olympics is being tarnished.
To me, by not boycotting and actually attending, they are acting in the spirit of the olympics, which is to put aside differences and come together for 2 weeks to have friendly competition with one another. By boycotting, they refuse to get along and therefore go against the spirit of the olympics. Just a spin on the statement.

That aside, back on topic. I honestly don't think any Oilers will make the Canadian Olympic team unless they downright dominate in scoring race leading up to the Olympics. Canada likes to have extremely marketable and high profile players, then the best defensive players with offense. Hall and Eberle are not defensive enough to make the team unless they are leading in scoring.

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