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Eakins and MacT-- Eakins wont hurt our special teams and will improve our team game 5 on 5. MacT is a hockey man and his record at judging talent and where they will fit in the NHL is very solid--and he has never bought into others opinions. I trust him to pick up the right players now. I was worried for the summer because of his apparent desperation to fix this team quickly. Now that summer is nearly over there will be a real analysis of our team and then other teams players and assets.

Larssen had a surprisingly good WC. I have always wondered about him. great rookie season then terrible seasons following. I dont like our right side so i hope he can be a good puckmover back there.

Ference, will be the good pick up he is, and a leader.

Gordon, I think he will be closer to belanger for offence than horcoff, but his draws and checking will be better than horcs. This is important because i do not believe we have acquired any help offensively in our bottom 6... infact we have lost some. We didnt have much to begin with. More pressure on the top 6.

Perron, the oilers have shown an inability to find compatible partners for a rover like hemsky. the last player hemmer worked well with was Samsonov. Perron is a rover. Ive watched alot of him and he has alot of Hemmeresque play. The one thing i notice Hemmer does more of though... is cut thru the middle of the d and attack head on rather than side approaches. This is ballsy and keeps defenders on their toea, and more often than not falling over themselves when hem switches to the inside track and blasts off. Im not as sold on this Perron acquisition as others. watched him alot and personally the stickhandling isnt even close to Hemsky level talent and hemsky had balls to go straight at dmen. Never been a huge hemsky fans but i never avoid giving him his due credit for stuff like that...dont expect much more than Smyth side approaches from Perron. He also doesnt have the finish of hemsky. alot of perrons goals i watched seemed almost wiffed on. With hemsky it doesnt matter what the puck is doing, he doesnt have to look at the puck, it can bobble and he knows how to adjust by feel. it goes where he wants.
dont expect a hemmer as much as a smyth.

Could work out. maybe not.

Goaltending . Khabi was always great for small stretches and its Dubnyks fault we always seemed to need to play the geezer longer than a pair of games. Thats all that needs to be said. I dont expect much imroved here. he is what he is. ive seen nothing to suggest different.

Biggest strength--- early waiver option thanks to low standing. and cupboard full of high end dprospects as assets to acquire something big.

Because i like Yak on his wrog wing and dont want two openhanded wingers on the same side --especially with our defense behind them... this is how i would like the lines

Hall RNH Yaks
Perron Gagner Eberle

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