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08-15-2013, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Well the Oilers were 12th in the West last season and this year I think they'll be 11th so that's an improvement of 1 spot. Of course there's 1 less team in the West now as well... so technically they may "improve" slightly but I don't see anything more than marginal improvements in their lineup this year over what they had last season.

Of course the game is played on the ice and not on paper so we have to wait and see how Eakins performs as a head coach at the NHL level, and how the chemistry of the team changes (for better or worse) after all these changes have been made to the roster.

As a fan I'm always hopeful that they can make the playoffs but realistically I just can't see this team beating out 6 other teams in the West and getting into the 2nd season with this current roster... still too many weaknesses and mediocrity in too many areas of the roster.
We are no longer using Conference-format playoffs.

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