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08-15-2013, 05:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Its not always easy to predict, but situation is everything in the NHL. It really is.

I mean, if you are short of Sid or Malkin, you cannot compare entering the league for Pittsburg the last 7-8 years with entering the league for Florida during that time frame. I am sure that he bottom line is pretty darn diffrent for a Letang or Mike Green if they were drafted by Florida instead of Pit/Was.

I think we would have been a good fit for Schultz. Like I said, its hard to predict, but if a young offensvie D could join Detroit in the mid 90's, Qubeck/Colorado in 95/96, Washington with Bäckström and AO in place, Pittsburgh with Sid and Malkin, and so forth, its hard to argue against it.

I do wonder how EDM will pan out. RNH, Hall and Yaks are great young players, but so far neither has really stepped up. There are never any guarantees. Many think just sucking the worst of all teams (which is a feat in itself) is a slam dunk. I wonder if you even get a 50% shot of making it to the SCF's once with multiple 1st overall picks. For every Pittsburgh and Qubeck/Colorado, there seem to be a a couple of Atlantas or Ottawas.
While RNH did regress somewhat, Yak had a decent rookie season and Hall produced at a 90 point pace.

Not sure we can expect more than 90 per from Hall.

It's the first year these five guys have played together. If after this season we see continued regression from both RNH and Eberle, then they are going to have some serious issues to address like the cap hit for Eb's.

Until then, there's time for these guys to show what they are as players.

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