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08-15-2013, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by 19 in a row View Post
Or maybe its that people need to admit that this team is getting hosed further by settling for a non NHL arena, with less seats, worse sightlines, that will raise prices, and be less accessible to those of us who have supported for over 40 yrs.... So it is highly debatable that this is a good thing.. A good thing would have been a brand new arena in Nassau or queens.. People who supported have a right to be upset that ownership screwed this royally.. So maybe u need to get over it and show tolerance.. Oh and look others are jumping at the chance to build something there with the same politicians I dont believe for one minute that quality ownership could have gotten something done
OK, I'll bite. What happens after we admit to what you pointed out in your post? What's the recourse? Oh wait, there isn't any. I think that's what Rose Tinted Visor is getting at. The team is moving to Brooklyn warts and all (presuming there are any. I'm waiting for at least the 9/21 game to assess the situation). We just have to deal with it. Whining and crying isn't going to remedy the situation (not saying that you're doing that, but others definitely are). It wasn't going to be a perfect situation if they stayed in Nassau anyway, so let's be thankful that we still have our team to root for for the next 25 years.

Either that or, well you know, stop following the team. It's really a simple choice.

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