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Game 42 @ Ottawa Senators
3-2 Loss


2nd Faulk (Eric Staal)
+1 Faulk - Great tenacious effort all throughout his shift, he deserved a goal here.
+1 Eric Staal - Did a good job using his size and strength to create chaos and get the defense chasing the puck.
+1 Ruutu - The third element in the cycle, he kept the slot busy and the goalie distracted.


1st 17:22 Zibanejad (Conacher, Gonchar)
-1 Corvo - Characteristically overplaying the neutral zone, making it far too easy for Conacher to get entry with speed. Not to mention that it would have been easy for him to put a body on Conacher behind the net and shut the play down.
-1 Jordan Staal - It's one thing to miss that poke check in the neutral zone, but unacceptable to coast behind Wiercioch while he glides 80 feet right down the slot on a rush. Staal's laziness on this play put Ruutu in a position to have to cover his man at the last second, which is how Zibanejad ended up wide-open. It's not shown in the recap above, but you can see it clearly here.

2nd 6:00 Michalek (Wiercioch, Gonchar)
This was a world-class toe drag and shot by Michalek. I'm not inclined to give Peters an error on this, and I don't see a defender doing anything particularly wrong. Just a goal that can be chalked up to skill.

2nd 12:12 Neil (Latendresse)
-1 McBain - This play was pretty much a microcosm of his season.
-1 Corvo - How does a guy get to the NHL as a defenseman and still think THAT is how you defend a 2-on-1?

+1 Faulk
+1 Ruutu
+1 Eric Staal
-1 McBain
-1 Jordan Staal
-2 Corvo

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