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08-15-2013, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Sheeshta View Post
I do, yes. The team got significantly worse when he was traded, not only because Horcoff despite his contract/history etc. was a perfectly good proven third line centre, but also because it now means that the Oilers will likely be starting the season with one (or even two) of Arcobello/Acton/Smyth on the roster as a centre.

I like Perron a lot, but adding his type of game to a team with a huge sucking desert of talent down the middle doesn't make things any better.
I don't see what Perron has to do with Horcoff and i don't see what trading Horcoff has to do with the 4th line.
Gordon replaced Horcoff which is a lateral move, maybe better because i think he fits this team better than Horcoff does and Perron is an upgrade on Paajarvi. Arcobello/Acton/Smyth would be here even if Horcoff was retained with the only difference being that Horcoff would still be captain which i think most would agree wouldn't have been in the best interest of the team going forward.
Horcoff had to be dealt, it was best for the team and Horcoff.

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