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08-15-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Sheeshta View Post
I don't think it's a big net loss, I think it's likely a small to medium sized one - as much of a loss as Perron over Paajarvi is a gain.

Horcoff had a bad season last year relative to his career, Gordon had a good one. Their 2013 numbers relative to their career ones are probably outliers for both of them and I think next season (taken in isolation, which is what we're talking about here) Horcoff ends up being a better player than Gordon.

Would I, were I MacTavish, trade Horcoff and sign Gordon? Absolutely. I just don't think that it improves the team next year. The year after that and the year after that, when Gordon's 31 and Horcoff's 37? That's likely when the improvement comes.

This is a hair-splitting argument, really. I like Horc more than Gordon and think that last year was an anomaly rather than a trend. It's perfectly reasonable to think it's a trend rather than an anomaly, in which case you're right.
Horcoff has had 2 bad seasons relative to previous seasons because he's a declining player. Gordon had better numbers because he's a player entering his prime.
It seems like we agree to disagree but i just want to know why you think Horcoff is better. In what facets of the game? If you put Gordon on a line with high end offensive players which Horcoff had the luxury of at times the last few seasons and give Gordon oodles of PP time with elite offensive talents, i'm pretty sure the offensive numbers would have been close if not in favor of Gordon.
I think it's pretty obvious that Gordon is better defensively and on faceoffs so how is Horcoff better currently?
Who knows what will happen next season and beyond, i'm just talking about the last couple of seasons.

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