Thread: Speculation: Lundqvist to be best paid player?
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08-15-2013, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
A few things.

First, no way in hell are we going to be lucky enough to retain Girardi for anything under 5 million. Based on the perfect storm that he is, a better than average defenceman, a right handed shot that plays the right side. The league is short on Righty shooting RS defenceman. We are going to have to pay a premium for that type of player. I'm expecting 5 to 5.5 per for Girardi.

Additionally, how are you getting Vanek at 6.6? A goal scoring threat like Vanek is going to be in demand. With the cap going up, he's going to demand (and get) over 7 per.

How is Kreider's number not going up? He will be at 1.5 at the very least.

Still lack scoring on the 2nd line and on the 3rd line.

There's more questions than answers with your line up.

So, even with the cap going up and the Richards buyout, the lack of scoring on the 2nd and third lines remains an issue.

I'm with you in that I hope that Kreider starts to show what the package suggests he's capable of. I also hope that Miller can step into that 3rd line center spot and deliver 30+ points. I can tell you he's not going to do that playing with Dorsett who I actually like alot.

And what really throws both of views into chaos is if Stepan gets signed long term (which I would have no issues with) at something along the lines of 4.75 per over 6 years.

I just think that we are going to have real problems retaining guys and while all I am arguing for here si 500k in cap space on Lundqvist deal, that can be the differecne in getting a scorer for the 2nd line or a better than average 3rd liner.

I don't see the need to pay Hank more than 7.5. It addresses being paid as an elite level player and makes him the highest paid at his position over the next 7 years.
Vanek was really just a hypothetical, I dont think we need someone like a Vanek, we just need a LW better than Kreider and Hagelin to push those two down. I think 5.5 is definitely way too high for Girardi, I dont think he puts up enough offense to justify that IMO. Look I get your debate, but Hank is the ONE person and the ONLY one that we shouldn't try to save cap on IMO

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