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08-15-2013, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
I read stuff like "Horcoff and Gordon (net loss) and I want to throw up.

Horcoff played ok last year for a third line center at the rediculis price of 5.5 mill.
Year before played ok for a fourth line center.
Years before that played like the worst player in the league... at times lead the league in minus.
Had one really good year.

Gordon, at a much cheaper price, is better in every conceivable way except on the PP. I am sure we can find someone to replace Horcoff on the PP without too much trouble.

Also: Eakins is the main factor of success for this team. We will rise and fall with his systems and coaching.
Sorry, for the past 4 years Horcoff has played tough minutes across the board. Gordon played tough minutes rarely. Because of the system the Coyotes played, Gordon was part of a rolling system where nearly all of the top 9 faced about the same amount of tough minutes on the ice. For the past four years Horcoff played nearly all the tough minutes. We will have to see how Gordon re acts to the wear and tear that comes with replacing Horcoff. The key will be winning on the DOT and if he fails there, he will fail everywhere and will be the whipping boy early and often.

I would love to see someone take a part Horcoff without bringing up his cap hit. Gordon is getting paid 9mill over the next 3 years while Horcoff is getting 7 over the next 2-- next season both players will be getting the same money

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