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08-15-2013, 12:35 PM
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Tawnos- Excellent stuff!

Also, we "retooled" pretty heavily a few years before the rebuild. We got Malhotra, very highly regarded. Jamie Lundmark, a 7th overall pick. Pavel Brendl, our future franchise player.

We had no farm to speak of and -- especially -- no form of organization to bring these kids up.

Malhotra came in and was destroyed because he was thrown to the sharks.

Lundmark came in and expected to be a top 2 line player, and complained in media becuase he was -- as a young kid -- played on a third line (!).

Brendl just blew it completely.

People need to remember that when we had drafted a kid that had NHL potential, that kid was -- alone -- in the entire organization. More or less. When Lundmark was brought in in 01', he was the one prospect we had. We had a bunch of plays in HFD and in camp, but Lundmark was more or less then only "kid" who was expected to play in the NHL. There was litterary no "compareable". There was no peer. McIlrath got Noreau and co today. JT Miller got Lindberg on the farm and Stepan in the NHL. There are a bunch of players in the NHL today that has made the journey JT Miller or Lindberg has to make. There was not a single player in the NHL that had made the journey Lundmark had to make.

That caused Lundmark to act out. To not do the right things. Lundmark wasn't Zherdev II, but I would like to state that he probably acted worse than someone like Zherdev acted. Why? There was no rolemodel. There was never a kid who would overtake his position if he didn't do the right things. It must be unthinkable for JT Miller to complain on palying on a 3rd/4th line, Stepan has done it both. How could JTM complain? If JTM doesn't check, a kid his age in Lindberg will hit the ice and do just that. You don't have to be Einstein II to figure out what needs to be done. If you are a 20 y/o on a team on which every other player is extremely big name 10 years older than yourself, you aren't pushed in the same way.

The bottomline, is that -- to rebuild -- we needed to build an organization. You do not build an organization by emptying out and bring in a ton of 18 y/o. Understand me the right way, but you do not want to ban Lord of the flys organization. We had a very bad experience, just a few years earlier, of bringing in prime talent into a horrible situation.

Maloney and Renney worked really hard to put a team that fundamentally could play a style they envisioned would be successful -- so that when a kid was ready he would be put in an evironment he could develop in. I mean, if we have Nyls and JJ in the NHL, and a few kids in the NHL that has made it as role models and a few kids on the farm that are pushing for spots -- what happens to a 19 y/o Pavel Brendl that shows up in camp (and we have had a Adam Graves who has kept in contact and pushed PB before coming to camp)? He could have been a star, wtihout any single doubt. Not a mega star, but a high scoring sniper atleast.

So, we rebuilded the best way we thought it could be done. And I am not second guessing that.

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