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08-15-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by LegionOfDoom91 View Post
They had both Jimmy Lodge & Oliver Bjorkstrand as second round grades (same as most public scouting services) on their board, both were selected after the Goulbourne pick. They either didn't want to go upside with the pick or they wanted to go with the safer route of just getting an eventual NHL player even with very limited upside. I guess Mark Greig (WHL Scout) really pushed for this one.

I don't agree with the pick but I'm not going to cry about it. I would have went with the upside personally but I really think the Rinaldo comparison is a little off base when it comes to Goulbourne as pointed out by others here.

He already plays the PK for Kelowna & is a pretty good skater from what I could see. He racked up 135 PIM last year but 95 of them were fighting majors (19 fights) so he doesn't seem as much of loose cannon as Rinaldo was at that age. If he reaches the NHL & becomes a Brandon Prust type of player I would call it a success.
Reading this made me wonder -- because I'm all about the controversy! -- about the nature of balancing the scouts' recommendations and egos when deciding whom to choose with the different picks. I'm not saying Paul Holmgren would think, much less say out loud, that "Okay, the 3rd round pick is Greig's, so his favourite guy gets chosen no matter who's still on the board." Consider for fun this hypothetical narrative around the Flyers' picks: the Q guys were really, really high on Morin, even above arguably more valuable (at least on the "official" lists) defensemen. So the 1st round pick -- which is even more important since the Flyers very rarely choose so early -- is used on Morin, and the Q scouts are thrilled. The 2nd round is a bonus because a player whom the Flyers considered to be a 1st rounder is still on the board when their pick comes around. The 3rd round is coming up and they all know they don't have a 4th. Mark Greig has been pumping (my hypothetical) Goulbourne at around this pick, so Holmgren tosses him a bone by going with the guy. Arguably, few people expect 3rd rounders to become impact players, and this kid fits the Flyers' mold, so why not support one of your scout's hard work?

Plausible? Ridiculous? I'm just wondering about how this angle of employee (ie, scouts) management plays into the final decisions. And remember, I'm an Official Team Blogger, so my opinion is more important and more valid than yours.

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