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08-15-2013, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
But on the flip side of that, isn't also telling that the Flyers took him? I have said this before and people ignore it, but do you honestly think that Flyers were sitting there talking about who to draft, and Ghoul's name came up they looked around the room and said, "we know there are better guys out there now, and we know that he will be there later, but let's take him anyway!" There is a reason they drafted him. I don't specifically know what that reason is, but I would trust them, given their success in the draft. You don't have to like the pick (I don't really like it), but are you really mad that they picked him over another guy you never heard of?
Yeah, if it's a more talented guy. We've done this before with Klotz.

How has that gone? Here are some guys still on the board when Klotz was picked: Yannick Weber, Linus Omark, Matt Frattin, Dwight King, Jamie Benn, and those are just the guys who've played with the NHL. That doesn't go into guys who clearly had more potential than Klotz.

It's the same situation with Goul. There was better potential talent on the board that was surely much less of a reach than him. The Flyers ignored it so Homer could have his goon. It's said that GMs have a tendency to favor players who mirror themselves, and I think Homer definitely falls into that trap. Yay, great. I'd rather have them trade down and get another pick in a later round than waste a 3rd rounder on a guy like this.

It's another example of questionable asset management. By all accounts, even ****ing Goul's, he would have been around later and might not have been drafted at all. There's a reason the people who are paid money for their knowledge of prospects all had him ranked so low. And believe it or not, Homer CAN make mistakes. This is a situation where he maximized his chances of picking a bust fairly early instead of going with a "safer" pick.

Edit: In short, it's a symptom of a larger problem.

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