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08-15-2013, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by MoDoiten View Post

Big Hockeyfan from Sweden here!
Finally i have a trip to NY booked!
A Dream ive had since i was a kid in the 80s...

The Rangers game im planning (MUST!) see is vs Canucks 30/11.
How hard will it be do you Think, finding a single seat, if i book on the releaseday?

Damn... i might have a problem here...

Thanx in advance for any help!
You're in luck because most people go for 2+ tickets. If you hit the website right at the open and search for a single you will definitely find it, possibly even in the 200s or 400s. The problem is the Rangers now use dynamic pricing for indiividual games. If they have the right market data for the Vancouver game, they will easily be charging double the season ticket holder face

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